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Introduction to Fretwork Panels & Medallions

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(We also have Ceiling Medallions.)

Shell Medallion used on side light. The spectacular gingerbread scrollwork (also called fretwork) presented by our wood Fretwork Panels and gingerbread Fretwork Medallions is worthy of a prominent position in your decorating plans!

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Panels and Medallions can be used for both exterior and interior projects.

Our wooden antique-style Victorian gingerbread scrollwork Panels and Medallions are available in a variety of designs including oval, circular, floral, and shell motif.

The photo at right shows the Shell Medallion used on side light.

Tulip Medallion on Porch Photo 51 Medallions can also be used to create extraordinary Victorian-style porches!

The porch at right features Tulip Medallions on either side of each Porch Post, together with other components from Vintage Woodworks to create a true masterpiece in the grand style of the past!

The overall design, balance, and execution is very much in keeping with the finest examples of the past century, when porches approached the status of an art form! Click photo above for more views and information.   

Tulip Medallion on Porch Photo 94

Tulip Medallions are again used on the porch at left, but this time they are skillfully combined with other components to create a fantastic circular porch entrance. While not often seen anymore, the circular porch entrance was fairly common during the golden age of Victorian architecture.

Click photo at left for additional view and information.

Queen Victorian Fretwork Panel in parlor entry.

Fretwork Panels can easily add Victorian flair when decorating.

The parlor entry at right benefits greatly from a Queen Victoria Fretwork Panel set into the transom above door and sidelights.

Other possible uses for Fretwork
Panels and Medallions:

Wall hanging
Headboard, perhaps hung on the wall
Window grille
Under glass as coffee table

Queen Victorian Fretwork Panel in commercial building transom.
Even commercial buildings can have lovely entries, as this Queen Victoria Panel clearly illustrates.

In addition to these photos, we also have Fretwork Medallion Usage Drawings and drawings illustrating use of the following:
Tulip Medallion on Porch Example 32
Shell Medallion on Porch Example 33
Victorian Circle on Porch Example 34

We also have Ceiling Medallions.

Fretwork Panels & Medallion Product Listings
Fretwork Panels & Medallion Product Listings
Usage Drawings - Fretwork Medallion
Usage Drawings - Fretwork Medallion
Ceiling Medallions
Ceiling Medallions
Polyurethane Balustrade Panels
Polyurethane Balustrade Panels
Square and Gable Drops
Square and Gable Drops
Fretwork Spandrels
Fretwork Spandrels